Phoenix Pediatric Dental Office

Our Welcome To You!

Dear Parents,

Dr. Rick Meyers and his staff are pleased you have chosen Wee Care Dental as your child’s dental home. As a Phoenix pediatric dental office, we are deeply interested in your child’s dental health, general health, and psychological well-being. These early dental experiences, good or bad, will last a lifetime. The following information is to help acquaint you with our pediatric dental office in North Phoenix, AZ and to reinforce your decision in choosing a pediatric dentist for your child. It has been shown that children who begin seeing the dentist at a very young age, and have favorable impressions, actually have fewer dental problems and keep their teeth longer. A first impression is a lasting one, which is why it is so important that your child's first visit is a positive one. By choosing a pediatric dentist in an environment designed for kids, these early experiences allow for a positive dental attitude. We would never take our children to a doctor who does not specialize in pediatrics. Why should our choice for their dental care not include a pediatric dentist?

The best way to prepare your child for the first visit is to prepare them almost not at all!! This may sound strange, but let us explain. This office is designed specifically for children and everything (including the music) is for their benefit. The entire staff works here because we love children, and your child will sense this.

What will be done on the first visit?

During the first visit, your child is introduced to the dental environment. A thorough examination will be performed, and the necessary x-rays will be taken. This all depends on your child's behavior which will dictate how much is accomplished each visit. Remember the goal is for a pleasant experience and we will adjust our approach specifically for each child. The results of the exam and x-rays will be discussed with you, a plan of treatment established, and financial arrangements made. Naturally, if this is an emergency visit, the immediate problem is addressed and the routine procedures are postponed.

What should I say to my child?

The feelings that parents show toward dental care may be crucial in determining how your child approaches his or her visit to the dentist. Generally speaking, it is best to avoid any unpleasant comments or thoughts. It is best not to mention the appointment until the day you are scheduled. Do not offer threats or bribes of any kind for good behavior. Bribes tend to indicate something bad will happen. You never have to bribe your child to go somewhere nice, so why bribe them to go to the dentist? Don’t make any promises about what the dentist will or will not do, only stress that we can ask the dentist when we get there. Don’t forget to tell them they will be seeing a “kids” dentist. 

We ask you not to be upset if your child cries. Crying is a child’s normal reaction to fear of the unknown. We understand these fears and will work to modify or erase them. Remember our goals are the same as yours, we want your child to feel comfortable and safe at our office and we will take our time and work at their pace to accomplish that.

Your aim as a parent, and ours as your pediatric dentist, is the maintain your child’s dental health and to make the process of doing so a pleasant one for you, your child, and us.

Please call if you have any questions. 

We are looking forward to meeting both you and your child.


Dr. Rick Meyers and the Staff of Wee Care Dental