The office is clean, but very comfy and inviting for the kids. The staff is knowledgeable, thorough, patient and friendly. Dr. Rick is amazing and will give you the best care for your money. If you want to feel at ease with your little ones I definitely recommend Wee Care.

Candice M.

Dr. Rick and his staff are so good to all 3 of my girls! I am so thankful I found his office close to my home, and an honest staff. My oldest is 8, and she is not scared of dental work anymore. Just took my twins (almost 1) & it was such an easy appointment. I was so grateful!

Shantell S.

Been going to this office for almost 15 years and have recommended to several of my mom friends. Dr. Rick has a gift in his profession and in how he interacts with patients and parents. Staff is ALWAYS pleasant and sincere - never rude or grumpy.

Wendi R.